Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Just send us your contact information to get information about our system. You can expect ETA representatives in your country to contact you.

Every investor participating in the system is under the responsibility of a top investor. You get income from every investment that comes with your reference. You can earn infinite depth reference income in the Eta Exchange investment partnership system

Digital Dollar, which we have implemented following long-lasting R&D activities, is a cryptocurrency that can replace physical money in the global world economy and works integrated with large projects.

1 USD corresponds to 10 DDLR.

Coinbase is an investment tool that performs analysis with Binance, HitBTC, Huobi and BitMEX integrations, and also applies profitable transaction analysis.

You can gain infinite depth reference gain in our system. 1. Depth Reference gain is 20%. 10% of this amount is transferred to USD Wallet and 10% to DDLR Wallet. A second type of earning is Passive Income. 1% of your active investment amount is transferred to your wallet every day. 50% of this amount is transferred to DDLR Wallet and 50% to USD Wallet. Career Gain: It is the award given by the system according to the career you have reached.

ETA and VISA Inc. Designed for ETA members, with the cooperation between; It is a Physical debit card that you can use your balances in your account in stores and ATMs around the world.

Payment tools you can use to invest in: Bitcoin , Ethereum, ETA Wallet, Payoneer, Payer, Papara

Consisting of online trainings of our investors who are at a certain level regarding digital currencies and exchanges; is a financial investment expertise institute.